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  • <b> <b></b> <b></b> what they say:</b> White people suck.<p><b>what they mean:</b> Ignorant white people suck because they have been oppressing us for centuries of colonization ideas, yet deny their privileges and the social capital it has brought them and keeps bringing them. They make themselves seem as the default human being. They objectify and appropriate other cultures, yet get offended when others call them out on it. Why? Because this interferes with the idea that people of these cultures are human beings (not objects of mockery) and have feelings. My feelings, anger, discomfort, and frustration challenges their ignorance so they take it personally. Then I get reprimended for it. Anyone can be prejudiced, but ignorant/unaware white people stick out because they are at the top of the social ladder, yet pretend they're in the same step as everyone else, and they use that privilege to keep others oppressed. They cherry pick what they can take from our cultures but also how they do not want to become oppressed by them like they have done to us. Yet when we try to do what they do, they call out "reverse racism," the reverse of their invention. <p><p>

I have changed so much.