It’s kinda weird.

I have always seen myself as a white person, even when I was in Mexico. The reason for that is that over there, social classes are usually associated with skin/hair/eye color. European-looking Mexicans are usually seen as prettier, more educated, sophisticated, and tend to be richer. They have more access to a globalized world, so they tend to feel more like they are part of the American society, except better dressed. More indigenous people, however, are seen as the opposite. Discrimination happens very frequently and Indigenous people are put down just for their genetics, even though to be honest, they are the natives of their country, not people who look like me.

Then I come to the United States and when people find out I’m Mexican, suddenly I get treated differently. I lose privilege, and I’m stuck living a double life with a falsified identity of “how I’m supposed to look like.” I’m put into a mold, an invisible veil. Just like that, 500 years of wars, conflict, and mixing go down the drain.